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Sacred Journey
Human Energy Full Body Tune Up
One of the options of the Sacred Beauty Series is the quintessential retreat. I recommend the "21 Days to Feel 21" which is a Human Energy Full Body Tune Up... For your Sacred Heart, Sacred Mind, Sacred Body and Sacred Soul!!!

I have personally selected  destination's in the world that are located in areas of outstanding natural beauty, sanctuaries for the soul. Nature provides us the perfect environment for healing, self discovery and rebuilding the foundations for staying young. It is a complete service of our bodies multidimensional energy fields and designed exclusively for you. The experience provides a sacred space, a portal, through which the soul can access universal energy and evolve in unconditional love.

Supported personally by nature you will be nurtured and revitalized through a soothing luxurious journey into the recreation of a new you.

I am grateful the well-being experience is shared with the ancient wisdom indigenous to each location. Naturally, all the retreats foundations are organic, ecological and socially responsible.

Swimming With Dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins in the tropical paradise of the South Pacific

....................... the angels of the ocean.

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