Welcome to Sacred Beauty

From my Heart to your Heart………. Welcome !!!

It is not by chance you are here. I have been expecting you.

We are all adapting to many changes on our planet; in our jobs; in our families; with our health and deep within ourselves. I share a unique process representing the highest wisdom of the collective consciousness of the Rising Feminine which gives you support in rediscovering, realizing and leading with your inner divinity.

As you are held through with ease, with grace; your heart will embrace your relationship with life and life will reveal the unlimited possibilities in the seemingly impossible. For it is here where your Greatest Gift resides………..here where your life purpose is born and inside your heartbeat your Legacy lives.

Awakening inside you is the most magnificent, powerful, courageous, loving Being on our precious planet!!! I am here………..for you………..as your guide………..on this journey to your own inner refuge, your own beautiful sanctuary.

Rhonda x

  • Sacred Beauty is YOU and Your EVOLUTION through a unique combination of energy treatments inspired by the Magical Gardens at Buckland Hall deep within the Majestic Brecon Beacons National Park designed to support Your awakening. It’s about You HONORING and SINGING the Sacred Song within the Heart of your Soul.
  • Sacred Beauty is Your EMPOWERMENT to feel and demonstrate Your Unique attributes of Beauty, Radiance, Purpose and Pure Bliss. It’s about GRATITUDE and LOVE for Who You already are; opening through the Illumination of your mind and uncovering that You are More than Enough for the fulfillment of Your Dream’s .
  • Sacred Beauty is Restoring the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH flowing within You through pure WATER, Revitalizing organic foods and pristine air leading you to the Rejuvenation of your Body.
  • Sacred Beauty is a Bespoke, Discreet, Personal-one-to-one Soul Healing Alchemy expanding you through the Transmutation of your Emotions while you are Nourished and Cherished CELEBRATING your unique relationship with the Earth.
Rhonda Lee Fleming

I look forward to sharing time with you … please get in touch