Sacred Space, Sacred Time, Sacred Beauty, Sacred You

Soul Evolution Mentoring is a 3 month to 2 year life coaching journey. It is a life rejuvenance!!! It is the quintessential redesigning of your inner thus outer world.

In ancient traditions around the world, there have been mentors whose soul purpose was to guide others into Their Heart’s. There have been sacred rites of passage. Your Dreams have chosen you as much as you have chosen them.

Soul Evolution Mentoring is Sculpting your Soul and recreating your life.

Your Highest Self is calling. What are the whispers in your Heart? Let’s journey together to uncover the Sacred Beauty that is You. It is your responsibility to Yourself and to All Beings that share this planet. The greatest gift you can give the world is living from this essence, Your Heart.

Soul Evolution Mentoring will open you in ecstatic expression though your realized dreams.

I offer you time and space being fully present with you in ways which work in your life schedule creating your own sanctuary from the demands and influences of daily life opening an opportunity to live from Your Soul, harmonize and integrate Your life experiences and gently support Your path.

Included is:


The first step toward total integration of body, mind and soul is DNA ACTIVATION. Science has taught us there are 2 strands of DNA in each Chromosome, yet we have retained memory of the 12 strand DNA within our cells. In “activation” we wake up the additional 5 pairs. Cells begin talking to cells, they communicate more effectively at a higher level. With this your vibrational frequency is raised and your consciousness is aligned with the more evolved 5th dimensional consciousness of peace, prosperity, regeneration, and rejuvenation.


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