The Sacred Beauty Series

5th dimension energy transmissions from the Stars to the Earth for Evolved Beauty.


We all have times in our lives when our emotional bodies need support. Venus is the nourishing energy transmission for your tender evolving heart. A 60 minute heart healing alchemy with crystals and sound transforming the pain of your life into the opportunity of your soul’s purpose.

Beauty Faith-lift ™

The signature “heart of soul” therapy in the Soul Evolution Synergy . This is a portal for the art of staying young. It can add years to your life and teach you to empower youself with awakened vitality. Focusing on the ancient secrets of the Fountain of Youth and experiencing their benefits is the best investment you will ever make. Your attitudes and perceptions on staying young will be explored and evolved. A 2 hr beauty upgrade includes a youth restoring aromatherapy facial and DNA activation of your youth and vitality gene’s. Recommended 3 therapies and commitment for exceptional results.


A 1 hr exquisite Twin Flame energy activation balancing the masculine and feminine within from the seven stars in the Pleiades You have gone through the healing alchemy of your emotional body, the illumination of your thoughts and words, and now you are ready to express your true Sovereign Essence. You are an Awakened Conscious Evolutionary Being now rising to the next level of your journey……… The New World…… an Empress and Emperor. You will receive diamond like luminous waves of light channelled through me, leading you to chose to love and be loved like never before.


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